Revolution Expedition

Desde USD 149,00 US$
  • Duración: 6 Horas (aproximadamente)
  • Ubicación: La Habana,
  • Código de producto: PSF4VL

What to Expect

Embark on an enlightening voyage that plunges deep into the heart of the Cuban Revolution and its profound impact on the nation's identity. Our meticulously crafted tour invites you to traverse the hallowed grounds of Revolution Square, the Revolution Museum, the National Capitol building, historical fortresses, and a plethora of other iconic sites that have played pivotal roles in shaping Cuba's tumultuous history.

As we step foot into Revolution Square, one of the world's grandest plazas, we are enveloped by the austere charm of its gray edifices and solemn monuments, each bearing testament to its indelible link to socialist revolution. Pause for a moment to behold the monumental portrayals of Cuban leaders adorning the northern facade, their visages etched in stone as enduring symbols of resistance and resilience. Adjacent buildings boast similar masterpieces, honoring national heroes whose legacies echo through the annals of time.

This comprehensive tour leaves no stone unturned, encompassing all admission fees as well as a delectable lunch and refreshing beverages, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for all participants. Join us as we embark on a journey through Cuba's revolutionary past, where every site visited serves as a poignant reminder of the nation's enduring spirit and unwavering commitment to its ideals.


Accessibility Available:  Mobility

Duration: 6 hrs. 

Minimum Age: All ages

Guided Language: Multilingual guides.

Start Time: 10AM  Finish Time: 4PM

Days: Daily  (Sunday limited access to capital building)

What to Bring: Dress comfortable for weather, sunscreen, and credit card.

Pick Location: At or near your hotel.

Inclusions: Lunch provided, All entrance fees included


Tour will include some walking in old Havana, inside National Capital building and in Museums. You will have time to go shopping. Tour ends at Hotel de national which you will be given a transfer back to your hotel.